Free tickets

Book here on our website and just by staying at our hotel, you have free access to a large number of experiences until July 26.

For facilities that depend on Cantur, such as the Cabarceno Park and the Fuente De Cable Car in the Picos de Europa, you can manage it at and have a telephone number for information Tlf. 942.811.551

For the rest of the activities, also make your reservation at our hotel and we will inform you upon arrival, we will provide you with free admission to enjoy your experience until July 26 at:

• Torre del Infantado in Potes

• Pero Niño Tower in San Felices de Buelna

• Domus and the Roman city of Juliobriga in Retortillo

• Roman town and early medieval necropolis of Camesa / Rebolledo in Mataporquera

• Romanesque center in Villacantid

• Palace and pantheon chapel of Sobrellano in Comillas

• El Castillo Cave in Puente Viesgo

• Las Monedas Caves in Puente Viesgo

• El Pendo Cave in Escobedo de Camargo

• Cullalvera Cave in Ramales de la Victoria

• Covalanas Cave in Ramales de la Victoria

• Museum of Nature in Carrejo

• Museum of Prehistory in Santander

• Tudanca House